Tips for revisions….

This weekend I was making a summary of all the tips Tracy gave me and all the ones I have read on internet for revisions. I thought I should share it here so anyone can print as I will do and have it near.

Also please if you know or think of another thing important when revising please comment and I will go adding to this post.

Things to look for or change when revising:

1. Show, don’t tell:

“Show, Don’t Tell invites understanding; I cannot find a better way to say this”

“If you are as captivated by what you read the tenth time you read it as you were the first time, then the author has succeeded in Show, Don’t Tell”.

“When "showing" would prove to be more information than anyone wants or needs, then telling is perfectly acceptable. A good rule to keep in mind is that if it isn’t important to the story, it’s okay to keep it to the realm of telling”.

"In the case of "acceptable tell" always keep in mind that IF you can change it without it becoming more than you want it to be, do so. This leaves room for those necessary tells. Too much tell, even if it seems acceptable, drags a story down."

            “In resume if you want to build a character, shape a mood, you must show. But I you want to move the story maybe tell is correct. I guess it is the balance of them what makes the prefect story.”

          The words: I heard, I saw, I felt, I was, usually are signs of telling.


2. Try as must as you can to substitute adverbs for strong verbs.

3. Avoid using as much as possible “which” “who” and “ that”.

4. Describe, you want the reader to experience the story.

5. Always check grammar.

6. Very and so are filler words. Find other words.

7. If there’s no dialogue in a while we must evaluate our technique.

8. Characters have to be in movement, living, making things.

9. Little or no ambiance and presence. If we gloss over important events, giving the rundown on who said what, when, where and how, and then slip out of the event without so much as a drink, it may be time to ponder. Why did we feel the need to include this important event in the first place?

10. Give the reader a reason to care for the character

11. Use dialogue effectively. Let the character speak, make the reader eavesdrop the conversation, not only hear it from you.

12. Use gestures and movements. . Act out the scene, if necessary to capture details.

13. Make every word count. Make every word mean something, be important for the history.


**One of the Links were I found this, I don’t remember the other ones ( I had the tips in post its all around my desk) And   of course. I added the great advice of    also


November 10,2010

As you know I don´t have a lot of vocabulary in english so I decided that I must take note of words I like or use a lot in writing in spanish and also of words I read in books and don´t even know what they mean, so I will take note and search the meaning and put them in my new vocabulary notebook. I hope with it I can have more vocabulary when writing and translating!

Now my desk is full of notebooks and notes again! Well what can I do I need them, so it´s going to stay that way!

Today we celebrated my best friend-beta reader-editor birthday. I am very honored that she decided to have lunch with us in these day. The kids love her a lot. She is their aunt, I don´t have blood sisters but she is my soul sister. So we spent a nice time and I am happy I choose the correct present  for once!!! I took a lot of pictures and ate more cake than I should, but is what you do in birthdays have a good time and eat cake!

Right now I am going to continue the translation and take some pills for the headache it is giving me.

Have a nice night and a happy day!

Discipline or voices….

Before discussing the issue at an update of my life:

I could not write anything this weekend or research for my sequel, nor for how to make my query letter, nothing. My house was flooded and all my forces were intended to clean and fix the mess. Today I hope to return to routine.

Anyway, today my older child wanted to finally spend time with me and I’m happy! Since I became pregnant with his younger brother he was far away from me and no matter how hard I tried he did not want me for anything even for the basics if his dad was there he always preferred him. But today after many baby steps he wanted to spend his time with me and filled me with kisses and hugs. Can I be happier?

Now we discuss the issue at hand: For days I have been developing the theme of my sequel, researching and outlining the story. The problem? I do that while I have the voices of the characters in a new book resonating strongly in my head. I have yet to clear the thematic basis of the book, much of it but their voices are there and do not leave me alone.

That’s why I constantly wonder if I should be disciplined and finish this series first before embarking on a new project or directly following these voices.

If I am disciplined with what I’m doing I have the advantage that I’m totally stuck in the personality of my character which is important because it is a novel written in first person, I have also very clear the rest of base characters and scenarios . This will make the sequel much easier to write and I feel that if I leave it now it will be more difficult to recover all this later.


On the other hand is to follow these loud voices what is tempting because it means they have very much to tell.

In your experience what do you think is better, the discipline or to follow the voices?



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Writers,depression and writers buddies

The other day my husband told me that he firmly believed that any artist had periods of depression a writer, painter, sculptor, etc. That this made them more sensitive to the emotions conveyed in his works.

What I think in change is that perhaps that we are more sensitive to emotions and the facts that the rest, that’s why we can transmit them in a novel or a painting, it also makes us more prone to depression because we may feel deeper.

What is certain is that writing is a career filled with depression by the rejection, by frustration, for criticism and perhaps by being more sensitive that strikes us most.

And this brings me to writing buddies, these great friends who support you, help you out of depression and make you write again. They never criticize you with the intention to hurt you but with the hope to make you do it better and they know how to say things because they know how it feels.

The writing buddies are therefore for my taste invaluable and absolutely necessary for a writer because who will understand better depression or how you see the world as another person who sees it and lives it like? Or who could know how to cheer you up or talk to you as another being as sensible as you?

I know that sometimes we read that the writers are very sensitive and say is not true I’m very hard, but when one looks inside you realize you are not as hard as you thought, that things that touch you do not reach others, there is a difference.

Now I finish telling my writing buddy I miss her a lot! A year is a long time! We met online and started writing together and that was four years ago! On matters of life she went a bit away from this world. I miss you!

So never let go your writing buddies, they are a treasure and you never have enough so if you want a new writing partner I am here.



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Monday!!! / Researching for writing…

I spent a great weekend, I didn´t wrote a thing because I am still in my researching period, but I enjoyed every second of it with my kids and husband!

Sometime to have a great time is the best inspiration and to be in love also…

I read Crescendo of Becca Fitzpatrick this weekend but I am not putting what I thought till you read it because I have a lot to share and maybe it can spoil the book and I hate when someone does that to me.

And now I go to research more for my book, I have spent days in these researching but I think the book needs it. I don´t want to talk about something I don´t know. Even if I am creating a new mythology I want to research others that are alike, what people believe, etc.

I think by researching you can make a plot that makes sense and even if it’s a world completely new they are going to believe while reading it can be possible!

What do you think? Is good researching for making a strong plot or you prefer to flow with your imagination?

Well now I go to continue researching and then do homework with my kids.

¡¡Have a great Monday!!

Pase un fin de semana fantástico no escribí nada porque aún estoy investigando para mi segundo libro, pero disfrute cada segundo con mi esposo e hijos.

A veces pasar un momento increíble es la mejor fuente de inspiración y también estar enamorado…

Este fin de semana leí Crescendo de Becca Fitzpatrick pero no voy a poner lo que pienso hasta que la mayoría de ustedes lo hayan leído porque tengo mucho que decir y a lo mejor algo de lo que diga les adelanta cosas del libro y odio cuando me hacen eso.

Ahora iré a investigar más, he pasado días en esto pero creo que el libro lo necesita. No quiero hablar de algo que no conozco aun si estoy creando una nueva mitología ,quiero saber sobre algunas similares o lo que la gente cree.

Yo creo que investigando puedes crear una historia que tenga sentido aun si es un mundo completamente nuevo, así ellos van a creer cuando lo lean que puede ser posible.

¿Ustedes que piensan?¿ Es bueno investigar para crear una historia fuerte o prefieren fluir con su imaginación?

Bueno a seguir investigando y hacer tarea con mis hijos.


Fanfiction writing whether or not it is a good tool for the writer?

As I am on research of my second book, I’m not writing. I am dedicated to reading, researching, etc.

But when I opened my electronic mailbox and found several emails about fanfiction I wrote in 2005 an idea came to my mind: It’s good for a writer to write fanfiction?
I’ve heard people for and against for many various reasons, contrary perhaps because it is not you who creates the character so it is so much easier. Others think the opposite, if it is a really good fanfiction is hard to stay true to the characters, to their way of life and provide a continuation of the story, therefore is a great exercise.

Like these are thousands of opinions for and against. What I do know is that many writers have started writing fanficton and realized that there were natural writers or at least they liked it.
Now write fanfiction is a great plus for a writer, quickly you receive the views of each reader, or at least of some of them , in general these readers are very generous and say good and bad things of each chapter.

Perhaps for these periods of depression when you’ve been rejected several times a tool to be reborn as a writer is fanfiction, get this opinion from person to person letting you know that at least you are being read and is worth to continue writing.

I wrote two fanficiton, one in 2005 and another in 2007. To this day every day I receive emails from people who read on, not all of them are perfect there is also criticism. But that shows me that there are people out there who think it’s worth reading me and encourages me to continue writing.

What do you think?



Escribir fanfiction sí o no, es una buena herramienta para el escritor?

Como me encuentro en periodo de investigación de mi segundo libro, no estoy escribiendo. Me dedico a leer, a investigar, etc.

Pero cuando abrí mi bandeja de correo electrónico y encontré varios mails acerca de fanfiction que escribí en 2005 una idea vino a mi mente: ¿Es bueno para un escritor escribir fanfiction?

He escuchado gente a favor y en contra por muchas varias razones, en contra quizás porque no eres tú el que crea el personaje por lo tanto s demasiado fácil. Otros pensaran lo contrario si el fanfiction realmente es bueno es difícil mantenerse fiel a los personajes a su forma de ser y darle una continuación a la historia por lo tanto es un gran ejercicio.

Como estas hay miles de opiniones a favor y en contra lo que si se es que muchos escritores han empezado escribiendo fanficton y que ahí se dieron cuenta que tenían madera de escritor o por lo menos que les gustaba.

Ahora escribir fanfiction tiene un gran punto a favor para un escritor tu recibes las opiniones rápidamente de cada lector, o por lo menos de los que te lo quieren hacer saber pero en general estos lectores son muy generosos y te dicen lo bueno y lo malo a cada capítulo.

Quizás para esos periodos de depresión cuando has sido rechazado varias veces una herramienta para renacer como escritor sea el fanfiction , recibir esa opinión persona a persona haciéndote saber que por lo menos te leen y que vale la pena seguir escribiendo.

Yo escribí dos fanficiton uno en 2005 y otro en 2007 a día de hoy recibo correos todos los días de gente que los sigue leyendo, no todos son perfectos, también hay críticas. Pero eso me demuestra que hay gente por ahí que cree que vale la pena leerme y me anima a seguir escribiendo.

¿Ustedes que opinan?

To make the readers feel…

Watching the news of Chile I finally saw the time it left the first mining.
The timing of the rescue capsule and the camera went to the son of mine will be forever in my memory.
This child’s face, his tears of happiness. His face said it all. It made me feel his emotion and cry with him.
At that moment I thought that if I ever write a scene that express a feeling  so well and make the reader feel me, with the character, then I will have achieved something great. Because it is very difficult to reflect an emotion in others and even worse when you read it.
Have you seen what just happened in Chile?
Ever read something that made you feel the same the characters lived and got to cry, laugh, etc?

Viendo las noticias de chile por fin vi el momento en que salió el primer minero.
El momento en que la capsula de rescate salió y la camara enfoco al hijo del minero quedará por siempre en mi memoria.
La cara the este niño , su llanto de felicidad. Su carita lo expresaba todo. Me hizo sentir su emocion y llore con el.
En ese momento pensé que si alguna vez con una escena escrita por mi consigo expresar un sentimiento tan bien y hacer que el lector lo sienta conmigo, con el personaje, en ese momento habré conseguido algo muy grande. Porque es muy dificil reflejar una emoción en otros y peor aun hacerlo cuando te leen.
Vieron lo de Chile?
Alguna vez leyeron algo que les hizo sentir lo mismo que los personajes y consiguió que llorara, rieran,etc?