Holidays Update 2…

Yes, over here we are still in holidays. We still have to celebrate the Dia de Reyes on January 6. So the kids will go back to school next monday and will have extra present this thursday!

I plan to post something of the tradition of los reyes magos this week.

We started again the diet from january 2 to january 5 so we can lose a little weight before the rosca and hot chocolate of the dia de reyes. We are eating at my mother’s home so I am not cooking. Finally!!

This vacation time I took a break or semi break of my translation. With carlos on vacations Alex doesn’t want to take a nap and all my schedule goes through the window so I flow with them and what they want to do. We play a lot these days with the xbox and the kinect , certainly Carlos and I are making exercise. I feel pain in some muscles I didn’t knew I had.

Actually I thought the xbox was going to be a game for carlitos to stay sit, but actually he burns a lot of energy with the sports game. And mommy loses a little weight  :p

I hope I can recover my schedule on Monday so I can move forward with my translation- revision.

How are you going with your manuscripts,revisions,queries,synopsis,etc?

Have a great Tuesday!!

Rites and superstitions for the New year.

México is a country full of superstitions and rites for whatever you like so over here we have a lot of rites that people make at the moment of the arriving of the new year.

I will list the ones I know. But many of them I never tried. I warn you in case you try them and didn’t work!

1. Wear red underware if you want love and passion in your life. I remember a friend of my mother always giving us in christmas red underware for new year…

2. Wear yellow underware if you want money. Ok I want both but I think it will not be easy to find unde-rware with the two colors. I have to go shopping…

3. Sweep the entrance of your home to take out the bad energy. You have to this in the very moment of the entrance of the new year.

4. If you want to travel in the next year you have to take a suitcase in each hand and walk around your block. This also has to be at the very moment the year is entering.Now I am thinking how can you sweep the entrance while you walk around the block with two suitcases if you want both?

5. You have to put a gold ring in yor champagne cup, if you have a platinum ring or a diamond ring the more money you will get. If I have a diamond ring why would I want more money? I guess we never have enough money. Take care not to swallow it!!

6. Last but not least the 12 grapes. You have to take one with each chime of the clock indicating 12 o’clock. With each grape you have to think a wish you want to become true in the new year. This is the most traditional and the one we make every year. I don’t really know if it works or it’s luck but we are also spanish and in Spain is very traditional to eat the grapes with the chimes of the clock of La Puerta del Sol of Madrid. I you are going to try this buy small grapes, believe me you will end the chimes with your cheeks full of grapes while you kiss and hug your family.

I once did the rite of the red underware ( i didn’t had boyfriend that year) and every year we take the 12 grapes at 12 o’clock.

But if you want to make the six of them is going to be hard. You got to wear an red and yellow underware. Sweep the entrance of your home, walk around your block with two suitcases, put a gold ring in your cup and eat the 12 grapes at the same time. If someone can achieve this I really admire him!!

What rites and traditions you have for the entrance of the new year?

PS: I don’t know if the word for the sound the clock does when indicating an hour is ring. Over here we use the word "campanada" because it were Church bells the ones that indicated with their sound the hour.

**Update: Thank to  know I know the word is chime. I already edited the post. Thank you Robin!
*** Update two: thank to   now I know underware is spelled without – in the middle. Thank you!!
With friends like you all I am going to improve a lot!

Friday five!

1. Yesterday my best friend and auntie by heart of my sons went to Carlos school to pick him up, because we can’t. She does that many times but yesterday Carlos started to shout and cry in the middle of the school that he will not go with her. He shouted so much that the director nun came to see what happened and calmed him down. When they arrived home my best friend was crying, I felt so bad. She truly loves my sons, shes been there since minute one. I know how much it hurts when carlos does that because he makes it a lot with me, he always wants his dad. Anyway we had to punish him and make him talked with her. Now they are ok.

2. I got  a flu. I hate flu! My nose is red as rudolph , I can’t speak ( well my husband will be happy for that) and I feel like crap. The worst is that the kids also have it.

3. I finished the translation of the first chapter of BTLAS and I hope to end this revision ( i know there will be many others) today or tomorrow. So I’m moving forward.

4. I hope this weekend I can sleep a lot!!

5. I am trying a new recipe for " tarta de santiago" is a very popular cake that is done in Galicia , Spain. And its made with almonds , sugar , etc. My father loves it so I’m trying recipes for this christmas dinner make it for him. When I get a good one I will post it here.


Crazy day…

Today was a crazy day! But I already told you that in the title of this post.

Carlos had his christmas festival and as always I was afraid he will not want to appear in public. But he did and did it well. His group sang the posada song that is very traditional here. I don’t have to say that my face was covered with tears…

Also today I was able to see Carlos interact with his teachers. He has two, half of the classes with the english teacher and the other half with the spanish teacher. I saw him with the english teacher and she was very close to him. Always touching his shoulder or his head, making him feel comfortable about perfoming. The spanish teacher is older but makes all she can to make him learn and he is one of the best students she has.

So as you can see I walked out of the school as if I were walking on clouds, so happy, so proud and so calm. My son is going to be fine, even with his TDA. It seems that finally we are finding a way to be better parents, and now he has caring and hard working teachers. This is so important for him and his selfsteam!!

Then I arrived home and sat to write, always when I write I have my msn open although as occupied. Why? well because while I write I often talk with my best friend. Actually it can’t be named a talk, we sporadiccaly say to one another " how do you say this in english?" " Which word you will use on this email?" " are you ok?" I know it is strange but we don’t see ach other very much and that keep us connected. It also keeps me connected with the rest of the world when I’m not writing. Know going to the problem, I sat to write and realized by a bunch of emails my msn account was hacked. Why in the world could someone want to hack my account? I don’t know but apparently it occurs often. After a bunch of emails my account is back and I am happy again.

In my translation- revision I think I can finally finish translating the first chapter this friday. Revising it and making it perfect I guess will take me longer but I think I did the best I could for now. You don’t know how thankful I am with tracy for coaching me and seeing what I don’t!! Even if I make the most silly mistakes and the words I choose in english sometimes are strange and bad, she corrects me and teaches me. So again thank you [info]tracy_d74 you are a great coach and I want to shout to the world how grate you are for doing this for a person you know for a few time!! You are a dear friend!

Also I want to thank you all for your support and help in this translation procces!

As you can see I am emotional today. But I have learned that I must always say what I feel and always say thank you.

Now I am going to bed, maybe I will sleep something this night!!

Have a perfect day!

Friday five!

As you can see I’m posting this still on Thursday. I don’t know if I am going to be able to be in the computer tomorrow morning so I’m posting it right now.

1. Tomorrow we have the first Tae Kwan Do exam of Carlos. I hope he want to do it, because he hates to do things in public and all the parents are going to be there.

2. I finally found what to give to Carlos’s teachers for christmas gift. Is a chocolate nativity scene!! I love it ( maybe because I love chocolate)

3. Yesterday my two kids spent a hole day without fighting , they even danced with me. When I had them like that –dancing, smiling, hugging– I only thought " please Anabel don’t forget this".

4. Finally I feel better, I really feel depression is behind me. Also I accept better all my crazy inheritance and try to control it. Its been hard but I’m almost on the other side. Someday I will explain you about it, believe me my family is crazy.

5. Have a wonderful weekend!!