Friday five!


1. As you’re reading this week I tried to be a better friend and blogger. to be more in contact.

2. Glowing Shadow with this revision and translations sits now in 57,585 words , but I think that number will be lower after I make some changes I just thought. So I only have left 25,000 words more. Yay!!

3. I love my mornings. Every day my husband and I take the kids to school together at 7.30 am, After that we walk to this coffee place that I adore because it also has amazing black teas and we spent and hour there together.


4. we sit on those tables outside and my view is this one:



Since I love roses there’s no better coffee shop for me!

5. We have long weekend! Yay!! we’re going to sleep more! Monday is a holiday so we want to rest but also take the kids to somewhere fun lets what we do.

Have an amazing weekend, my dear friends!


GS update in five!

1. I have been working hard this week. I’m still working in my query letter for my class. Right now we are doing different types of them.

2. Also I realized that I will have to change some big things on the plot of GS. I’m working again in the outline so I can see where to apply the changes. I’m making it in english and spanish.

3.Also I’m working in the three dimensions of my characters to have a better perspective of them.

4.I finally have done some translation as you can see in the bar on the left, although I haven’t revised that part. I will do it next.

5.Well those are all the updates from  my writing. How are you doing?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday five

I haven’t posted in many time so I thought it was a good idea to post my friday five.

1. I have been very busy with homework of my writing class but I love it!! The class is great and I know I will learn a lot.

2. I also started again with the revision translation of GS and I think I am going to change some thing of the outline, right now I’m working on that.

3. Tomorrow Is my father’s and husband’s birthday! Yes, their birthday is on the same date with 20 years of difference. It is a great coincidence. I remember when I was a little girl I always said that I will marry a man who’s birthday was on the same date as my father and I married one! LOL. Another coincidence is that between my mother and I are 20 years of difference and 30 with my father so now with my husband we are 29 (me), 39 ( my husband), 49 (my mother) and 59 ( my father). We are a strange family!

4. I have a new orchid!! My husband brought it yesterday. I will take a picture and post it on monday.

5. Carlos and Alex had a cold all the week. Now Carlos is ok but Alex now is sick of the stomach. I hate virus!!

Have an amazing weekend!!

Friday Five!

1. Dia de reyes went really well, the kids liked the presents and we really had a good time in my parents house. My mom actually didn’t say anything hurtfull to me…

2. I have to start my diet again tomorrow. I ate a lot of rosca, chocolate and roasted chestnuts. So if I want to continue losing weight I have to go back to my balanced way of eating. 10 pounds more to go.( that Tiramisu of Tracy has to wait *snif*)

3. This is the last weekend of the winter vacations of Carlitos so we are going to take him to a place he chooses, he haven’t decided but I think is going to be fun.

4. I have to take out the Christmas decorations on Saturday and I hate it. When you put it on you don’t mind the work because you want to see the three and want your house full of Christmas spirit. Besides everyone wants to cooperate but anyone wants to take them out!

5. I didn’t move forward on the translation but I did in the revisions. I hope I can go back to my schedule of writing on Monday.

Have a great weekend! I am dying for some sleep!

Friday five!

1. Yesterday my best friend and auntie by heart of my sons went to Carlos school to pick him up, because we can’t. She does that many times but yesterday Carlos started to shout and cry in the middle of the school that he will not go with her. He shouted so much that the director nun came to see what happened and calmed him down. When they arrived home my best friend was crying, I felt so bad. She truly loves my sons, shes been there since minute one. I know how much it hurts when carlos does that because he makes it a lot with me, he always wants his dad. Anyway we had to punish him and make him talked with her. Now they are ok.

2. I got  a flu. I hate flu! My nose is red as rudolph , I can’t speak ( well my husband will be happy for that) and I feel like crap. The worst is that the kids also have it.

3. I finished the translation of the first chapter of BTLAS and I hope to end this revision ( i know there will be many others) today or tomorrow. So I’m moving forward.

4. I hope this weekend I can sleep a lot!!

5. I am trying a new recipe for " tarta de santiago" is a very popular cake that is done in Galicia , Spain. And its made with almonds , sugar , etc. My father loves it so I’m trying recipes for this christmas dinner make it for him. When I get a good one I will post it here.