Writing, rejection, hope…

A huge part of being a writer is the dreaded part of waiting and facing rejection. Waiting is hard but rejection is like a bullet to your heart.

When you start dreaming about being a writer you never think about the rough pad ahead of you, you only think about the fabulous life you’ll have being able to write all the wonderful worlds you have in your mind. And why not you also think that everyone will love it as much as you. But then you start the dream, you sit and realize writing wasn’t as easy, but you go through it the best you can so after several blood tears you have your wonderful creation in front of you.

Well maybe it’s not a wonderful creation but you have hope and send it away to find its way into the publishing world. So there’s when the wait begin. There start the constant refreshing of your email for several days until you realize it seems it will not come as fast as you thought.

Until one incredible day you receive the notification that says “You got Mail!!” and your heart stops for the torturous moments it takes for the email to open, in that second you have fear and hope. Until you read and your heart collapses to the ground were you think you will never be able to pick it up.

But the thing is we have to accept it’s a part of the road to take our stories out in the world, as Stanley Ellin says:

“No one put a gun to your head and ordered you to become a writer. One writes out of his own choice and must be prepared to take the rough spots along the road with a certain equanimity, though allowed some grinding of the teeth.”
—Stanley Ellin

After the rejection starts another process, the self-doubt, the idea of throwing everything away, the pain and the tears. But if this is what you love, what really moves you there, slowly filtering into the bad thoughts, will appear hope.

“Was I bitter? Absolutely. Hurt? You bet your sweet ass I was hurt. Who doesn’t feel a part of their heart break at rejection. You ask yourself every question you can think of, what, why, how come, and then your sadness turns to anger. That’s my favorite part. It drives me, feeds me, and makes one hell of a story.”
—Jennifer Salaiz

One thing I recommend and that had keep me going every time is having friends, writer friends, that understand, let you cry but then kick your butt and make you start again. Believe me I could never keep going without my friends and also my hubby.

Another quote on hope I love:

“If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.”
—St. Clement of Alexandra

At last here is what I wrote and felt after a rejection, this is totally and completely mine:

“Sometimes my brain and heart amaze me. They just got hit and I feel like crying but my brain is planning and my heart is hoping.”

—Anabel Gonzalez

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That moment when you hate what you love

Yes I have been afraid to admit this, afraid to even think I was really feeling it but I have to accept that I have come to hate GS.

It’s not that I don’t like GS or absolutely adore every character is that I have come to hate opening the file. I have gone through this MS like 15 times, a whole year, really I think if he could talk he would say Oh Gosh here she comes again!

I truly believe in my MS don’t get me wrong and I know that with each revision I have improved it a lot, but sometimes when I go to my files about to click it open once again, my brain is screaming not again!

For all you’re reading you might already deduced I’m going through GS again. Yes, I took a great course of Margie Lawson in deep editing and I want to apply it to GS. So once last time I have to go through it and then let it be.

Because I don’t want to get to do this:

Over editing is a concern in my mind that’s why I’m editing at a slow pace, there’s a thin line between ready and over edited so I don’t want to go over it.

Have you ever felt like this with any of your projects?

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Another one bites the dust…


I did it! I finished another manuscript, all the 75k words of it. The adrenaline and rush of finishing a new dtraft making me feel in heaven!

A heaven were he’s celebrating with me, see how happy he is:

This new MS was special and hard for me. It’s my first contemporary YA. At first when I had the idea I thought blah this will be easy

Ha! I was certainly wrong but after banging my head against walls, researching all I could, thinking for days, cry blood and go through a roller coaster of emotions, it’s done!! So please forgive me if I leave with this guy. Maybe he wants to cook for me.

It’s time for me to rest a little and enjoy the simple pleasures of life after the hard work. I deserve this:

See you soon!

PS: Stacey I had to post Ian Somerhalder today. I know you understand 😉

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Writing quotes



If you want to be a writer, you must do two things about all others:  read a lot and write a lot…reading is the creative center of a writer’s life…you cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you. ~Stephen King


Taging tasks as easy


A few days ago I was watching a program about sewing your own clothes. Up until that moment I always thought it was easy. Why? I don’t know. My mom almost never sews and I don’t know how to do it but I had always thought that it was an easy task to learn. HA! As I saw it if I depended of sewing my clothes I’ll be naked till the end of time.

So this made me think how we usually tag things we never did as easy or simple until we face the day of actually doing them. One example is cooking. When you’re a child you see your mom cook and you think that really looks easy. I could cook anything I want if only they would let me. But the day comes when your mom is not home, you’re old enough and hungry and you can’t even boil an egg. It proves to be harder than you thought.

Don’t make me start with ironing too. You think it’s so easy and relaxing and it’s the road to hell. Yes, I hate ironing and take me ages so my opinion is biased.

All of this brings me to the day we decide we want to write a book. When we are dreaming about it we think it’ll be very easy to put the history and world in our minds into words. It’ll be as simple as sitting down. But then the day we sit down to do it come, we see the white page and we can’t figure out where to start. Every day you sit to continue writing you face that white page and see it wasn’t easy at all.

So which things you thought were easy until you tried them?

Setting real goals…

Since the kids went back to school I set a deadline for me to end this rewrite of my current MS, the end of September or the beginning o October.

But that wasn’t very good of me. I set a goal that will put a lot of pressure on myself because I haven’t thought about all the things that come with the beginning of a new school year. All the lists of things the teacher’s want you to make or send and also to make Carlos (my ADHD son) go back to the school routine. I thought this wasn’t going to be hard for him since he was doing so well by the end of the last school year. But vacations altered everything and now is very hard to go back. It’s hard for him to pay attention and to copy what the teacher writes in the board, he is getting very distracted with everything and he doesn’t wants to do homework. So you can imagine how frustrated he is when he has to work all weekend in all the notebooks he got behind.

So it’s been a lot of hours focused on that, on school meetings, doctor appointments, etc. It just isn’t real anymore to set that goal because that wouldn’t let me breathe. For sure I want to end soon but I need to slow down a bit. Also I only have a few chapters of comments from my critique friends ( no pressure on you girls Guiño).

So I think I should focus on a few chapter at a time, for example I would like to finish the chapters I have all comments of ( the first four) this week. That way I will do everything I can to make them perfect without pressure, if I went for the end of the month goal I’d need to do many more chapters.

Realistic goals are so hard to set, we always want to achieve everything soon. At least that’s my case.

How do you settle realistic goals?

Have a good day!

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Great article of indie versus traditional publishing.

It is published in the Forbes.com webpage and it’s very interesting.


The title: “ Drowning In Indie Books – And That’s A Good Thing”

Only a little extract of it:

“Since then I read more ebooks than physical books. I buy a lot more books, too. Last year I noticed that books were getting cheaper, but the writing was getting worse. It started to get harder and harder to shop the Kindle store because I was either upset by the price of a book or the quality of its writing. Accidentally, I had stumbled upon the new face of self-publishing.

My experience reflects a profound and wrenching transformation of publishing that is shaking the industry to its roots. The beneficiaries of the existing order – major publishers and their most successful authors have become the most visible opponents of the turmoil that these “Indie” authors have introduced.”

I’m still undecided of what is better or if both are better, but this article really made me think.

I highly encourage to read the rest here


What do you think?

I’m back, finally!

Hello, everyone. I missed you all!

It has been a long and summer. But the vacations are over and kids are back in school and mommy has to work full schedule of writing again.

I spent the whole summer with the kids playing and going around. Also we had for 20 days the visit from my husband’s best friend and his family so we toured all the city.

Oh and I decided since kids didn’t wanted me to be closed in my study writing that I’ll take advantage of that and tidy up all the house so I wouldn’t feel bad if I neglected it more once they got back to school. Everything is organized, every single space, drawer, closet, etc. I got the chance to give up to Church eleven bags of things almost new that we were not using and I feel great about it.

Oh! I’m planning to make some post about what I saw this time in my tours around the city. We went with a friend that is an archeologist and explained us a lot of things we didn’t knew and also showed us places we never visited.

This is just an example:


This is the Sun pyramid in Teotihuacan. I went all the way up, but I’ll tell you that story in  the post about it!

Now I’m going to delve deep in revisions. I really want to end this revisions by the end or September or if my head doesn’t help by the middle of October. So back to work I go!

How was your summer?

Have a great day!

So Glowing Shadow…. is finished.

Well, or at least for a few days. Now it’s on the hands of a great friend that will give me her opinion and in June another great friend will read it. I have amazing friends.

I still can’t believe that I translated this whole novel by myself and that I revised it 10 times. It’s been forever!

I want to thank all of you who encouraged me to do this by myself, to try and cheered me up all the way. Even if this novel never gets an agent or gets published I will be proud because it was my first in English.

Really I can’t thank you enough!

Now it comes time to plan and think, the YA market is very competitive and I already wrote a paranormal romance that has very few chances to get picked since there’s a lot out there. Summer is coming with kids at home for a month and a half so I want to outline three novels so I can draft them during he school year. I’m thinking about two contemporary and one sci-fi,fantasy, romance novel (if that genre even exists).

For one of them I have to research a lot about medical care in the US because I know nothing but I think all this time will help.

Also I plan to memorize the elements of style in the summer and read whatever good book about writing I kind find. I’m open to suggestions…

Glowing shadow will not go to submissions until my friends read it and I revise it again, then I will make a tea and wait.

For now I will take the morning off and go shopping!


Again thank you to all of you!

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