Friday five!

1. I have been studying a lot of grammar, since I’m done with Glowing shadow for now. I want to memorize the elements of style, I hope by the end of the summer I can make it.

2.Also I have been helping the kids with lots of projects. Seriously they send projects for my 3 year old in kindergarten, I couldn’t believe it. Anyway I tried to help in a way the work was from them but they understood it, so it was long but at the end had good results.

3. I have three noisy stories in my head. I’m trying to write every idea on a notebook to further outline them after I go back again to Glowing Shadow and the summer with the kids.

4. Yesterday I went with one of my best friends to see the movie Snow white and the huntsman. Well, I loved Charlize Theron as always, she does an amazing witch. As a lover of fantasy I loved what they did with the setting and the story. Kirsten Stewart was good but I couldn’t keep from thinking she was Bella, she couldn’t pull me out of that memory. What I liked most was this:



5. A random fact about me that you might not know. I not only know Spanish and English, I also know Galician, a Romance language close to Portuguese. I know it because my parents are from Galicia, Spain and they usually talk between them in that language at home. I learned it because I heard them and when I went to see my grand parents there were all these people talking to me on that language so I had to learn. But the reason that I think that made me understand it and learn it was that my mother when was angry with me always spoke in Galician so if I wanted to know what she was saying and my punishment I must understand her. It came naturally to me since I heard it since born, but I can only understand, speak and read it. I tried and tried, but I can’t write it.

Have an amazing weekend!