Another one bites the dust…


I did it! I finished another manuscript, all the 75k words of it. The adrenaline and rush of finishing a new dtraft making me feel in heaven!

A heaven were he’s celebrating with me, see how happy he is:

This new MS was special and hard for me. It’s my first contemporary YA. At first when I had the idea I thought blah this will be easy

Ha! I was certainly wrong but after banging my head against walls, researching all I could, thinking for days, cry blood and go through a roller coaster of emotions, it’s done!! So please forgive me if I leave with this guy. Maybe he wants to cook for me.

It’s time for me to rest a little and enjoy the simple pleasures of life after the hard work. I deserve this:

See you soon!

PS: Stacey I had to post Ian Somerhalder today. I know you understand 😉

By anabelgonzalezdehernando Posted in writing

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