Taging tasks as easy


A few days ago I was watching a program about sewing your own clothes. Up until that moment I always thought it was easy. Why? I don’t know. My mom almost never sews and I don’t know how to do it but I had always thought that it was an easy task to learn. HA! As I saw it if I depended of sewing my clothes I’ll be naked till the end of time.

So this made me think how we usually tag things we never did as easy or simple until we face the day of actually doing them. One example is cooking. When you’re a child you see your mom cook and you think that really looks easy. I could cook anything I want if only they would let me. But the day comes when your mom is not home, you’re old enough and hungry and you can’t even boil an egg. It proves to be harder than you thought.

Don’t make me start with ironing too. You think it’s so easy and relaxing and it’s the road to hell. Yes, I hate ironing and take me ages so my opinion is biased.

All of this brings me to the day we decide we want to write a book. When we are dreaming about it we think it’ll be very easy to put the history and world in our minds into words. It’ll be as simple as sitting down. But then the day we sit down to do it come, we see the white page and we can’t figure out where to start. Every day you sit to continue writing you face that white page and see it wasn’t easy at all.

So which things you thought were easy until you tried them?


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