I’m back again. Wednesday of Images and quotes.

We just got back to normal, we had a long weekend here in Mexico. Friday kids didn’t had school because teachers have a meeting every last Friday of the month (Why I don’t know) Monday they decided it was a good idea to give it off since Tuesday was May 1. I wonder why this is a good idea since the kids just got back to school from two weeks of spring break. Oh and they are having Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 off to because the 15 is teachers day. I wonder how they’re going to grade April and May or most importantly if my kids are going to learn something this months!

Anyway, today I hope I can go back to my MS. Three more pages and it will be fully translated the I will have to go back to a revision and off to my awesome critique partner.

Well, so here are the images of the day:









And last I’m posting this image that I think is helpful for everyone:


I hope some images help you, inspire you or just make you laugh!

As always all this images I got them from my friends on Facebook!

If you like too share here images that inspire you or make you laugh, or only comment if some of them helped.

I hope all of you are well and having an awesome day!

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