Early Wednesday of quotes and images, with a mix of life.

So, kids are on spring break for this week and the next one. I was prepared for that even when it’s crazy sometimes but for what I wasn’t prepared is for not having, telephone, internet or TV. Imagine the times when mommy is cooking or doing laundry and there’s not TV!!!!

So, I called the company and after having me the last week like an hour every time I called on hold they said that it was their mistake and that they will solve it within 48 hours. But it never got solved. I have my ear red of being in the phone. So today I cancelled my contract and tomorrow is coming another company to make all the changes.

So I’ll be away( although trying to read you and answer your posts) until kids get back to school.

This Wednesday images are perfect for what I lived these days:


I hope you have a great Easter and a more fun spring break!


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