I’m proud of being the grand daughter of this marvelous woman who always had forgiveness in her heart, and she truly forgets everything. That woman that loves me with every bit of her heart and when she spent time with me gave me all the love she had.

Yesterday was her 84th birthday, here’s the picture:





She’s already losing her memory but you know what, she remembers me, she’s always asking for me by my name and also is asking about my kids. She says to everyone that her grand daughter loves her very much. And I’m so proud that even when she only hears me from the phone and sees photos I send her every once in a while she still remembers. I only pray to God to make me able to see her and take my children with me to see her before she completely loses her memory or dies.

The man of the back is also the best grandfather of the world but I‘ll leave him for another post.

Oh by the way yesterday arrived Carlos grades, they grade him in all the subjects in English and Spanish from 0 to 10 and he got all 10!! I’m so proud of him, of how hard he’s trying to be the best aside from his ADDHD.

Okay enough of things of being proud of. Back to work!

Have an amazing day!

By anabelgonzalezdehernando Posted in life

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