Seven years ago…

Seven years ago was one of the most important days of my life, but also one of the scariest.

This day seven years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful, loving and intelligent. When I first had him in my arms I started to tremble thinking: Oh my God! He only has me! What if I’m not a good mother? I was very scared to say the less, I love children but having your own is completely other thing.

I gave birth to this beautiful kid, that’s part of me and the love I share with his father and I ‘m so proud of not letting anything stop me from having him, from being his mother.

He has taught so many things, for instance how to be a mother, things I didn’t knew about myself and many things more. I know I’m not the perfect mother and maybe I will never be, but what I know is that I will care for him and love him till my last breathe and beyond.

So here is the birthday boy!



Have a great Monday!


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