Friday five

I haven’t posted in many time so I thought it was a good idea to post my friday five.

1. I have been very busy with homework of my writing class but I love it!! The class is great and I know I will learn a lot.

2. I also started again with the revision translation of GS and I think I am going to change some thing of the outline, right now I’m working on that.

3. Tomorrow Is my father’s and husband’s birthday! Yes, their birthday is on the same date with 20 years of difference. It is a great coincidence. I remember when I was a little girl I always said that I will marry a man who’s birthday was on the same date as my father and I married one! LOL. Another coincidence is that between my mother and I are 20 years of difference and 30 with my father so now with my husband we are 29 (me), 39 ( my husband), 49 (my mother) and 59 ( my father). We are a strange family!

4. I have a new orchid!! My husband brought it yesterday. I will take a picture and post it on monday.

5. Carlos and Alex had a cold all the week. Now Carlos is ok but Alex now is sick of the stomach. I hate virus!!

Have an amazing weekend!!

8 comments on “Friday five

  1. Happy b-day to your hubby and dad — the difference in ages is amazing 🙂 (We thought it was weird that my brother’s b-day is the same week — four days off — from DH’s; his sister’s b-day is the day after mine.)

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