Thankful thursday!

Today I want to give thanks for having a wonderful husband that knows me so weel and gave me this beautiful orchid to make my days brighter.

Also I want to thank life for my new writing class, it’s great!! I think I’m going to learn a lot. Thank you so much
[info]patesden for your post of online classes. There I found writing in depth class and I am very happy!

Alex slept one night;that’s certainly something to be thankful for. I hope he continues like that.

Oh and I found this wonderful video. I hope many parents can see it before giving medication to their kids.

If you can see it here is the link:

Have a wonderful Thursday!


20 comments on “Thankful thursday!

  1. Fabulous link, thank you. I loved it. It is a beautiful orchid. What a wonderful guy you must have. Good for you! They’re only wonderful if we help them to be. So glad Alex is doing better. Yes, let’s hope it continues. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your writing class. You Go, Girl!

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