The city I love most

And this city is Madrid. Maybe this is because my husband is from there, maybe because i lived there my first married years and maybe is just because it is BEAUTIFUL.

I love so much its history,its old buildings,its people, its live that if I continue writing I will never end.

That’s the reason why my novel is situated there even though the main character is from the United States. I needed to share this city!!

I am posting here some images of the places I love most and that I use for my novel.

Hope You enjoy them as much as I do!

this is the plaza mayor, it is a square that used to be the market of the city on other times now is full of bars and restaurants.

This is the Palacio de Oriente the most beutiful place I ever seen. Believe me inside every room is beautiful and unique. This is only one side of it but it has others with beautiful gardens.

And this is what you see in the other side of the picture that I showed before. The Catedral de la Almudena  was the church of the kings it is were the prince married a few years ago and is beautiful in the other sides too.

this is the Monasterio del Escorial. It is in a town of Madrid. I was constructed by PHILIP II for recovering of his diseases. I could get better there too!!
And last but not least my favorite above all:

This is the Palacio de Correos in the Cibeles Plaza.This building and this plaza are deep in my heart, the first time I saw them it was at night and I fell in love. Also is a place with a lot of energy because is were the Real Madrid soccer team celebrates his championships and also every achievement of sports of Spain is celebrated there.
 Every building I showed you before is illuminated by night as this one.

Uff I wanted to share many photos more but it was a lot if you want to se more you only have to search Madrid, believe me there are many more beautiful buildings!

I am sorry if I bored you by sharing this beautiful city but since it is in my novel I can left this post behind.

Have a great day!


20 comments on “The city I love most

  1. Soooooooooooooo beautiful! It’s one of my “someday plans” to vacation in Madrid.
    Have you read Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s books, “Shadow of the Wind,” and “Angel’s Game”? Both are set in Barcelona in the early 1900’s. I know, not Madrid! But the history of Spain, and the magic of the past is so much a part of the story, I think you’d fall in love with them.

    • Yes it is beautiful!! What can i say I love it!
      I haven´t read the books maybe because I had a few months against barcelona jajaja I don´t know if you know that over there they don´t believe they are spanish and they want to independence the same as the ETA but without putting bombs. Well they wanted cataluña (were barcelona is) to be a country by itself. And what they did was to take out from the government from stopping that 30% more income from the federal government than the rest of the states and all the big companies are in that state because they are allowed to reduce taxes. It is such an injustice that every other region of spain was angry. Even when spain won the soccer world cup all the players from that state waved the flag of his state and not the spanish one saying that cataluña won!! I was so angry! Also authors of that state are more published than from others because the publishers are there. Sorry for all the complaining but I am very angry. My parents are from galicia, another state of spain, and my husband is from madrid so it affected me a lot.
      Even though I have to say I visited barcelona and is a beautiful place with an impressive gothic neighborhood. And well all of the buildings of Gaudi are spectacular.
      I hope I can soon leave behind my anger and read that books.
      Sorry for the long comment!!

      • Wow! I had no idea. Just goes to show that the stereotypical American without a clue as to what’s going on in the rest of the world is a stereotype for a reason! Ha!
        The books are wonderful, but if they cause you to be angry, then don’t read them! Sweet Anabel, angry? Noooooooooo! 🙂

      • jajaja Well I don´t know much about the rest of the world only spain and mexico because we are from both but the other countries I only know few things so I think everyone is like that:)
        jajaja the books don´t cause me to be to be angry the people from there but I think I will wait a while…

  2. I was briefly in Madrid in ’90 and mostly remember thinking ALL the women wore black mini-skirts. I’m sure that wasn’t true, but it’s my enduring memory. It’s a gorgeous city and a great setting for your novel.
    (My favorite city in Spain is Seville.)

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